Friday, June 19, 2009


Sometimes peoples words
Are filled with barbs and sting
They don’t think of what they say
Out of their mouths come anything

Sometimes people do think
But their words are a snare
They seek to trap and hurt
For themselves only they care

Blessed Saviour it happened to You
Traps set by Scribes and Pharisees
They tried to trap with their learning
With themselves they were well pleased

They sought to hear something
Anything with which to accuse
They tried to catch You at wrongdoing
Their power they did abuse

But they never could bait You
Your words of wisdom frustrated
They went away wagging their heads
But they would return their madness unabated

People are like that
Why should it be any wonder
They go “fishing” with their words
Secretly hoping we will blunder

Our hearts are entwined with Yours
In everything we seek Your will
We ask You to guide us
And Your love in us instill

We need Your help to be like You
For You to guard our tongues and hearts
To protect us from the barbs and stings
And from words like fiery darts

Let us not say anything
With which to provide ammunition
Guide our thoughts and hearts
It will hinder their ambitions

Jeannine Faith

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