Friday, June 19, 2009


Have you ever been surprised
Upon hearing a well known story
One you thought you knew
About God’s grace and mercy

I was today as I listened
To the story about a dinner feast
Given for the rich who made excuses
But ended with the lost and the least

The master of the house was upset
So he sent his servants to the street
To search the lanes and hedges
Inviting those the rich would never greet

I realized was not one of Your people
I wandered in a world of sin
I was lame, blind and deaf
I was dead deep within

I was a nobody, unimportant
No friends or someone to care
Not one to be seen or touched
I would never be invited anywhere

This was my life until one day
Jesus came and saw my plight
His chosen people would not have Him
So He turned to those lost in the night

He invited us to life
He cleansed our hearts of sin
He chose the least and the lost
And bid us enter in

He saved our worthless lives
By giving up His own
For us He shed His blood
No greater love have we known

He is my precious Saviour
He gave me grace and mercy
They flowed with His precious blood
Flowing freely over me

Now I’m invited to the wedding feast
No longer outcast or lost
All because of my Saviour
My truest friend who didn’t count the cost

Jeannine Faith

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