Saturday, June 20, 2009



Like a bird in flight
My prayers take wing
Soaring heavenward
To my Lord and King

Like arrows shot
From the archers bow
Prayerful thoughts
To my Saviour go

For I know who listens
He hears every prayer
When I think about
Those for whom I care

I think of my friend
Whose heart is so sore
Full of sorrow and tears
We pray even more

We think of our families
And all that they need
We send up our prayers
Knowing God will take heed

We pray for our friends
Whether or not they know
For their well being
And that of their soul

We pray for the lost
Asking God to guide them
To open their hearts
And as Saviour accept Him

Our prayers take flight
Like an arrow or bird
To our precious Saviour
And we know He has heard

Jeannine Faith

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