Wednesday, July 6, 2011



Can’t you heed the warnings
Why don’t you listen
Can’t you stop your sinning
Don’t you see our tears glisten

Jesus keeps calling you
But you turn the deaf ear
Don’t you have a clue
Don’t you know how to fear

You stay on the gilded path
You exalt in your sin
You are incurring God’s wrath
Begging for destruction

We pray for you everyday
We pray for your souls
We show you the way
For you to be whole

Turn from your sin, repent
Come to God’s dear Son
Before your life is all spent
Come to the Saving One

He came and died for you
Came to break the chains of sin
Can’t you see what He went through
Just so you could win

Don’t you understand
Can’t you see true love
Come take His hand
Seek Salvation from above

Come before it is too late
God is longing to save
Repent of sin and hate
Before you go to your grave

Come and heed the warning
He paid the ultimate price
Don’t go into eternity mourning
Because you refused Jesus Christ

Jeannine Faith