Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Every day’s a battle
As Satan seeks to destroy
Those who are unwary
His tricks he does employ

He gets inside your head
With thoughts that will depress
To make you feel unworthy
And add to daily stress

He will put up stumbling blocks
“Innocently” blocking your way
Adding to the depression
Til you feel you can’t even pray

The Apostle Peter wrote
To be vigilant and sober
For our adversary the devil
Is seeking whom he can devour

We need to stay in God’s Holy Word
And daily seek His face
Never ceasing, always praying
And depending on His grace

For the battle is not won
In just a single day
Against a tricky adversary
It is won every time we pray

Jeannine Faith

Monday, July 27, 2009


Am I wise enough?
Showing Christian love?
To all I would meet?
To all I would greet?

Am I wise enough?
It would seem not
Yet still I do
Christ’s love shines through

Am I wise enough?
I might get hurt
Yet despite the danger
I will greet the stranger

Am I wise enough?
To follow His command?
To love one another!
Loving as sister and brother?

Whether or not I’m wise enough
I will follow His command!
I will spread His love
Sent from the Father above

Jeannine Faith

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Squabbling amongst ourselves
Like hatchlings in a nest
Demanding to be first
Demanding to have the best

That’s the way we are in this world
When we try to keep up with others
We don’t care about our neighbors
We don’t care for our sisters and brothers

We have to outdo the next person
We have to have everything
It has nothing to do with our spirits
But everything to do with fleshly things

We have to have the best cars
We have to have a bigger home
We have to have the latest gadgets
Yet our souls within still groan

Deep down within us
We try to fill the gap
With what the world can offer
But still our souls are flat

There is another answer
If only we would look
If only we would open our eyes
And look within God’s Holy Book

We will read in God’s Holy Word
How our Saviour can set us free
The story of His life
And Salvation found at Calvary

It tells us of His love
And how He broke the chains of sin
Of how He defeated death
And of how He will enter in

To accept His Salvation
And let Him break sin’s chain
Confess Him as Lord and be cleansed
By His blood falling like rain

He is faithful to forgive us
His mercy and grace are promised
Come accept this gift of love and life
Leave behind the world’s squabbling and empty solace

Jeannine Faith

Saturday, July 18, 2009


God’s promise of unconditional love
Of His mercy and His grace
Draws us from the darkness
To seek Your face

God’s promise of forgiveness
For all the wrong we’ve done
Of taking away our burdens
Many a heart has won

The love and joy You fill us with
The breaking of the chains of sin
A life truly transformed
When we ask, You enter in

You promised to save us
From the time of the fall
You came to live, die, and rise again
If we would only hear You call

To follow You, the light of the world
We must turn from our dark path
And let Your light shine from us
Or else on judgment day face Your wrath

So before it is too late
Hear of the promise we are given
Don’t stay in the sinful darkness
Come and enter the gates of heaven

Jeannine Faith