Saturday, October 16, 2010


Something is missing
I don't know what
People say they believe
But do they really believe?

They come to church
Take God off the shelf
Listen to the preacher
But don't hear the Teacher

They sit and talk
But not about God
And when it's time to leave
What have they received?

By the looks of things
They didn't get it
They leave God behind
And leave still blind

God to them is a weekly thing
To be picked up for an hour
Just to fulfill an "obligation"
But with God have no relation

They go back to the world
And do just as before
Back to their busy-ness
There's really no witness

Wake up people
Can't you hear the cries?
There are people out there
Who need someone to care

They need some Good News
To help then know about their souls
They need to know they are lost
And someone to tell them the cost

Bring the Good News to them
Time is growing short
We need to get living again
And we need to tell them

We need a revival
To have God in our hearts
He wants us to tell everyone
About His own dear Son

Because as surely as the sun sets
Jesus will soon return
And He will ask what we have done
To tell of our Saviour's victory won

Jeannine Faith

Saturday, September 18, 2010


The rain is gone
The skies are clear
A gust of wind
Lingers near

If you watch
You may see
A rainbow come
Beneath the tree

For water lingers
Upon the leaves
And wafts from them
Upon the breeze

Such a rare wonder
For me to see
A lovely rainbow
Beneath the tree

It makes me think
Of my precious Saviour
Who through the storms
Is always there

His wonderful love
Like the rainbow that shines
Lets me know the promise
I am His and He is mine

For He promised He'd never leave
He would always be there
And in the storms of life
Upon Him cast every care

And though it may seem
It was only by chance
I know God sent the rainbow
It was not by happenstance

Jeannine Faith


The carnival is back
Another year gone by
All the games and rides
The food and drinks to buy

It's like a snapshot
The world in miniature
So crowded and noisy
A worldly adventure

You see all the people
Rushing here and there
Eating, drinking, laughing
Seemingly without care

They seek to fill their hearts
With thrills and food galore
But when it's all gone by
They thirst and hunger for more

Where is God in all this
I don't see Him anywhere
The thrills last only a second
They have not escaped their cares

What drives people so
To try and fill the void
That exists within their hearts
The emptiness they try to avoid

An emptiness God would fill
If only they sought Him out
He would heal their wounded souls
He would give them a way out

He would fill them with His love
They wouldn't have to buy
It is freely given
By our Heavenly Father on high

So let the carnival go
No more rushing here and there
Your Heavenly Father
Will meet your every care

Jeannine Faith

Friday, July 9, 2010


Come and sit with us Lord
We have nothing to hide
Your presence is needed here
To lead us and to guide

There is nothing in our thoughts
Of which we are ashamed
There is nothing in our speech
That should not be named

All we want dear Lord
Is for You to be a part
Of our talk and interaction
Right from the very start

We want You here with us
To keep our conversation pure
We want You to be our guide
Of this we are so sure

We want You to watch us
For You are in our hearts to stay
We need Your love and guidance
Each and every day

We want to do Your will
To spread Your love abroad
We want You to keep us
From committing any fraud

So come and sit with us
Be ever at our side
We need Your loving presence
To ever lead us and to guide

Jeannine Faith


Sometimes I wonder
At how little people care
For their sisters and brothers
And how they may fair

So busy with running
This way and that
Not even seeing
Where it's all at

Always looking for praise
And buying into lies
They can't even raise
Their eyes to the skies

If they would only look
They might truly see
Their Saviour who forsook
Heaven for you and me

First they would see
The star proclaim His birth
And angels singing sweetly
Over all the earth

Next they'd see the cross
Where He shed His precious blood
He did not count it a loss
To free us in a crimson flood

And then they'd see His glory
As He rose triumphant from the grave
They'd see it's more than a story
And they'd know their sins He forgave

Then maybe they would realize
The world has nothing to offer
And they'd see beyond the lies
And to God entrust their future

Jeannine Faith

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I know of late
My poems have been sad
Full of depression
Since I lost my wee lad

The grief that I have felt
No one should have to bear
But that is the way of life
Full of sadness and care

But through it all
My precious Saviour is there
He knows all my heartaches
He has heard my whispered prayer

For I have a Saviour
Who is with me every step of the way
He has held me close
As I knelt in prayer each day

He promised He'd never leave
Nor in any way forsake
He has never left me
His Word He'll not break

Sometimes I wonder
If the pain will ever end
But I have faith
My heart He will mend

And He will use
All that I've been through
To one day help another
Maybe that someone is you

So each day with my Lord
With His help His mercy I'll share
And know there is always hope
As I go through each day with prayer

Jeannine Faith

Wednesday, January 6, 2010



Seemingly set adrift
On an ocean of tears
No one to talk to
No one who hears

Storms all around
Drifting through it all
Is anyone out there
Who will hear my call

What happened to the anchor
Why did I let go
What happened to my joy
I knew so long ago

Jesus is my anchor
So why do I stray
Why do I let depression
Take over every day

It seems that sometimes
I just go through the motions
That's where I go adrift
And get caught in stormy oceans

I need to listen closely
I need to listen for His will
I need to hear Him say
Peace, be still

For He calms the storms within
And the storms without
It seems I have forgotten
What that is all about

Lord anchor me again
And return to me the joy
Where Your grace peace and mercy
Are my soul's anchor and buoy

Help me to no longer
Be set adrift by depression
Please calm the raging storms
Help me learn from this lesson

Lord You are my soul's anchor
Help me to trust in You
And to never let go again
For I know You will see me through

Jeannine Faith