Thursday, July 26, 2012


To walk the strait and narrow
Look neither to the left or the right
Follow the Lord Your God
Follow Him with all your might

He wants us to keep our eyes on Him
He wants us in His Word each day
When we follow where He leads
He will keep us in His Way

If we will only listen to Him
He will guide us through
For our God is always faithful
He will never leave or forsake you

But to walk the strait and narrow
Is much easier said than done
For there are those who claim to know Him
But really don’t follow God’s only Son

They try so hard to confuse and beguile
They tell us this or that’s okay
When we really know what’s wrong
They will still try to lead us astray

We need to stay strong in the Lord
We need to live for Him today
We have to let tomorrow alone
And let Him lead and guide us His Way

Jeannine Faith

Saturday, April 28, 2012

John 3: 16


Sometimes it is so hard
To hold it all together
When you are on the verge of tears
But you have to wait for later

Later, when no one is around
Then you can let the tears flow
You can finally give in to the storm
When no one else will know

But there is one who knows
The One who made your heart
Our Father up in heaven
Who knows your heart is falling apart

He knows all the pain and sorrow
You keep hidden down deep within
He knows about the heartache
He knows the pain you are in

He knows what you are thinking
That you can’t let anyone see
You think you are all alone
But that will never be

He will hold you close
Until the tears are gone
When you are ready to face the world
And with Him travel on

I know it’s hard to do
But in Him we need to trust
To hold tightly to His hand
Through the calm and the tempest

Because life will bring storms
And the tears they will fall
But with His hand to guide us
We can weather life, storms and all

Jeannine Faith

Wednesday, July 6, 2011



Can’t you heed the warnings
Why don’t you listen
Can’t you stop your sinning
Don’t you see our tears glisten

Jesus keeps calling you
But you turn the deaf ear
Don’t you have a clue
Don’t you know how to fear

You stay on the gilded path
You exalt in your sin
You are incurring God’s wrath
Begging for destruction

We pray for you everyday
We pray for your souls
We show you the way
For you to be whole

Turn from your sin, repent
Come to God’s dear Son
Before your life is all spent
Come to the Saving One

He came and died for you
Came to break the chains of sin
Can’t you see what He went through
Just so you could win

Don’t you understand
Can’t you see true love
Come take His hand
Seek Salvation from above

Come before it is too late
God is longing to save
Repent of sin and hate
Before you go to your grave

Come and heed the warning
He paid the ultimate price
Don’t go into eternity mourning
Because you refused Jesus Christ

Jeannine Faith

Monday, June 27, 2011


Jesus is the light of the world! A beacon for us to follow and always focus on!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


What does the Bible mean to me?
How does it change my life?
It is the path to the truth
Leading me out of strife

It is the balm for my wounds
That life inflicts on me
It is the hope for tomorrow
And the truth that sets me free

It tells me who my refuge is
Under whose wings I can hide
It tells me who will help me
And when I ask, with my soul will abide

It is a detailed map
It covers all possible ground
It is a light unto my path
It helps the lost be found

It is a love story for the ages
Written by my Creator
To tell me of His love
And point me to my Saviour

It tells the story of His life
And how He taught us to live
It tells how to triumph over sin
And of His Kingdom to arrive

What is the Bible to me?
It is more than just a book
It helps me live my life
It is Life Eternal’s handbook

Jeannine Faith

Friday, February 18, 2011


I am not ashamed
(whether or not it's wise)
To claim Jesus as my LORD
As I look to the skies

For a day is coming
When believing is a crime
And our lives could be forfeit
With no reason or rhyme

Even now in some parts
It's not wise to let others know
For there are so many
Who are His ardent foes

We have brothers and sisters
Who live in pagan countries
They are persecuted and killed
Because of others theologies

But they do not count the cost
Just the same as Jesus did
They truly live for Christ
And do as He has bid

So let us with Jesus
Not ashamed or counting the cost
As we live and work for Him
Bringing the Gospel to the lost

Jeannine Faith