Thursday, June 25, 2009


I see three roses
In bloom on the stem
I pause to gaze
And think on them

A sermon in the blooms
They speak to me
Of my precious Saviour
And of the Trinity

First there is my Father
Who created it all
Even creating man
Though he would fall

Then to redeem us from sin
He sent His only begotten Son
The red is His shed blood on Calvary
And victory over death was won

Jesus rose from the dead
Scriptures promises were true
And when He went to heaven
The Holy Spirit came to me and you

The promise of a Saviour
Who would die and rise again
To make us right with God
To save sinful women and men

The sermon in the roses
About new life and salvation
About being right with God
No longer in sin but a new creation

Jeannine Faith

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