Monday, June 29, 2009


Have you ever watched a squirrel?
As he nibbled below a bird feeder?
Have you noticed he is focused?
Not minding the shower of seeds, a single minded eater?

Now watch the birds feeding
Nuts and seeds they scatter
They get what they wish
And neatness doesn’t matter

Watching this scene unfold
I am drawn into reflection
A couple things come to mind
Between which there is a connection

We are not neat and tidy
When we come to Calvary
Our souls are bound in sin
But the blood of Jesus sets us free

We need to come under His blood
As it flows from the cross
We need to die to self, live for God
Our turning from sin becomes Satan’s loss

We need to get into God’s Word
And be single minded with purpose
To not let the world distract us
But to spread the words of Jesus

We need to be fed daily
Like the squirrels and the birds
We need to seek His guidance
“Feeding” daily on His words

Those were my thoughts
As I watched that scene before me
How we come to Jesus for forgiveness
And how serving Him should be

Jeannine Faith

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