Monday, June 29, 2009


Have you ever watched a squirrel?
As he nibbled below a bird feeder?
Have you noticed he is focused?
Not minding the shower of seeds, a single minded eater?

Now watch the birds feeding
Nuts and seeds they scatter
They get what they wish
And neatness doesn’t matter

Watching this scene unfold
I am drawn into reflection
A couple things come to mind
Between which there is a connection

We are not neat and tidy
When we come to Calvary
Our souls are bound in sin
But the blood of Jesus sets us free

We need to come under His blood
As it flows from the cross
We need to die to self, live for God
Our turning from sin becomes Satan’s loss

We need to get into God’s Word
And be single minded with purpose
To not let the world distract us
But to spread the words of Jesus

We need to be fed daily
Like the squirrels and the birds
We need to seek His guidance
“Feeding” daily on His words

Those were my thoughts
As I watched that scene before me
How we come to Jesus for forgiveness
And how serving Him should be

Jeannine Faith

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I see three roses
In bloom on the stem
I pause to gaze
And think on them

A sermon in the blooms
They speak to me
Of my precious Saviour
And of the Trinity

First there is my Father
Who created it all
Even creating man
Though he would fall

Then to redeem us from sin
He sent His only begotten Son
The red is His shed blood on Calvary
And victory over death was won

Jesus rose from the dead
Scriptures promises were true
And when He went to heaven
The Holy Spirit came to me and you

The promise of a Saviour
Who would die and rise again
To make us right with God
To save sinful women and men

The sermon in the roses
About new life and salvation
About being right with God
No longer in sin but a new creation

Jeannine Faith

Monday, June 22, 2009



Wet and bedraggled
Looking forlorn
Looking wistful
On this rainy morn

Taking shelter there
Up in that tree
He sort of reminds me
Of me

Taking shelter in God
While darkness reigns
Looking to my Saviour
To protect me again

No matter what the world
Tries to throw at me
I know where to hide
I will hide in Thee

You are my fortress
And my refuge
My perfect shelter
From sins deluge

So like the blue jay
That shelters in the tree
When sin tries to reign
I will shelter in Thee

Jeannine Faith

Saturday, June 20, 2009



Like a bird in flight
My prayers take wing
Soaring heavenward
To my Lord and King

Like arrows shot
From the archers bow
Prayerful thoughts
To my Saviour go

For I know who listens
He hears every prayer
When I think about
Those for whom I care

I think of my friend
Whose heart is so sore
Full of sorrow and tears
We pray even more

We think of our families
And all that they need
We send up our prayers
Knowing God will take heed

We pray for our friends
Whether or not they know
For their well being
And that of their soul

We pray for the lost
Asking God to guide them
To open their hearts
And as Saviour accept Him

Our prayers take flight
Like an arrow or bird
To our precious Saviour
And we know He has heard

Jeannine Faith

Friday, June 19, 2009


Sometimes peoples words
Are filled with barbs and sting
They don’t think of what they say
Out of their mouths come anything

Sometimes people do think
But their words are a snare
They seek to trap and hurt
For themselves only they care

Blessed Saviour it happened to You
Traps set by Scribes and Pharisees
They tried to trap with their learning
With themselves they were well pleased

They sought to hear something
Anything with which to accuse
They tried to catch You at wrongdoing
Their power they did abuse

But they never could bait You
Your words of wisdom frustrated
They went away wagging their heads
But they would return their madness unabated

People are like that
Why should it be any wonder
They go “fishing” with their words
Secretly hoping we will blunder

Our hearts are entwined with Yours
In everything we seek Your will
We ask You to guide us
And Your love in us instill

We need Your help to be like You
For You to guard our tongues and hearts
To protect us from the barbs and stings
And from words like fiery darts

Let us not say anything
With which to provide ammunition
Guide our thoughts and hearts
It will hinder their ambitions

Jeannine Faith




Have you ever been surprised
Upon hearing a well known story
One you thought you knew
About God’s grace and mercy

I was today as I listened
To the story about a dinner feast
Given for the rich who made excuses
But ended with the lost and the least

The master of the house was upset
So he sent his servants to the street
To search the lanes and hedges
Inviting those the rich would never greet

I realized was not one of Your people
I wandered in a world of sin
I was lame, blind and deaf
I was dead deep within

I was a nobody, unimportant
No friends or someone to care
Not one to be seen or touched
I would never be invited anywhere

This was my life until one day
Jesus came and saw my plight
His chosen people would not have Him
So He turned to those lost in the night

He invited us to life
He cleansed our hearts of sin
He chose the least and the lost
And bid us enter in

He saved our worthless lives
By giving up His own
For us He shed His blood
No greater love have we known

He is my precious Saviour
He gave me grace and mercy
They flowed with His precious blood
Flowing freely over me

Now I’m invited to the wedding feast
No longer outcast or lost
All because of my Saviour
My truest friend who didn’t count the cost

Jeannine Faith


What is the key
That will set my spirit free?
Why do I feel flat within
Is it because of sin?

I am a sinner saved by grace
How I long to see Your face
What must I do
To make it through

I storm the heavens everyday
Pleading to be shown the way
Lord I want so bad to serve You
Please show me how to

You gave me so many talents
But I feel only fragments
I know there is more I could do
Lord guide me, I need You

Have I let sadness hold sway
Is that why I’ve lost my way?
Have I let grief over shadow
Like a thick hedge row?

Lord help me let go of the grief
Bring my heart comfort and relief
Let the creativity flow once more
Let me serve You precious Saviour

Let me use the fears and sorrows
From my yesterdays and my tomorrows
Help me use the pain in my heart
To tell others of the love You impart

Let me tell others of Your grace
Of the strength You give to run the race
When we come to You and give our all
You promise to help us when we fall

You fill us with Your blessed love
You send it to us from heaven above
For You came and died on Calvary’s tree
You conquered death to set us free

So what is the key?
The key is found in Thee
You take all we have been through
And if we are willing You help us to use it for You

Jeannine Faith