Friday, June 19, 2009


What is the key
That will set my spirit free?
Why do I feel flat within
Is it because of sin?

I am a sinner saved by grace
How I long to see Your face
What must I do
To make it through

I storm the heavens everyday
Pleading to be shown the way
Lord I want so bad to serve You
Please show me how to

You gave me so many talents
But I feel only fragments
I know there is more I could do
Lord guide me, I need You

Have I let sadness hold sway
Is that why I’ve lost my way?
Have I let grief over shadow
Like a thick hedge row?

Lord help me let go of the grief
Bring my heart comfort and relief
Let the creativity flow once more
Let me serve You precious Saviour

Let me use the fears and sorrows
From my yesterdays and my tomorrows
Help me use the pain in my heart
To tell others of the love You impart

Let me tell others of Your grace
Of the strength You give to run the race
When we come to You and give our all
You promise to help us when we fall

You fill us with Your blessed love
You send it to us from heaven above
For You came and died on Calvary’s tree
You conquered death to set us free

So what is the key?
The key is found in Thee
You take all we have been through
And if we are willing You help us to use it for You

Jeannine Faith

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