Saturday, August 15, 2009


Waxing, flesh for fantasy tattoo’s
Body piercings and alcohol too
Attorneys and hair salons
Restaurants, pharmacies, the list goes on

All these and more are seen
Plain as day with little else in between
The city so packed and crowded
It seems in flesh to be shrouded

This place is no place to be
The noise, the crowds, not for me
But these are the people and places
Gods work ultimately takes us

Whether it is meeting people face to face
Though we are timid, by Gods grace
We can be a witness to them
Lead them from iniquities den

For though we lived not in a city perchance
We still were lost, in need of a chance
Gods grace and mercy rescued our souls
By His blood we were made whole

So now is the time to go tell the Good News
It’s time to save souls and fill the pews
For Jesus will return, we know not the day
But we need to show the lost, the way

Jeannine Faith

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


"And the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him, and a voice came from heaven, which said, Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased."
Luke 3: 22
Thank you to Judy Wilson for allowing me to use one of her pictures of doves in flight.

Monday, August 10, 2009


It makes it hard to count your blessings
When all you have is sadness, depressing
Sometimes so many things get you down
Making it feel like you will drown

You know you shouldn’t give in to depression
But it over whelms you in succession
Soon the tears begin to flow
Crying and sadness are all you know

It makes you feel so very alone
It makes you wonder for what to atone
You know God is there by your side
But still you feel so empty inside

All you need is a gentle word
One to lift your spirit upward
A loving word to escape the pit
But you wonder if you deserve it

And yet the Word is spoken
And the depression is broken
The Bible says, “For God so loved”
He sent His Son, so beloved

Jesus came, He lived and died
He rose again and with us abides
He knows and understands what we feel
His ear is open to our every appeal

Start counting your blessings
With your sins confessing
And with grace and mercy from above
The very first blessing is God’s love

If you let it healing begins to flow
And pretty soon you begin to know
All the blessings God has given
With His love you are forgiven

And you count your blessings one by one
Giving thanks for all God has done
You know He walks by your side
And you know His love deep inside

And though life will sometimes get us down
And sadness may within abound
If we can remember to count on God’s love
Then healing will flow from heaven above

Jeannine Faith

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Is anyone there?
Does anyone care?
Why do I cry myself to sleep
But don’t let on, not a cheep

Sometimes I feel so alone
And wish I could go home
To be held in my Saviour's arms
Free from all alarms

Here I am, head bowed in prayer
With no lack of sorrow or care
Tears falling like rain
From a heart full of pain

Heart sick and sore
Seems no happiness anymore
At least that’s how I feel
As here in prayer I kneel

In my heart I know
(though my head doesn’t think so)
That You my precious Saviour
Are in my heart and prayer

Sometimes so deep is the pain
That my mind returns again and again
A part of me knows I should not
But sometimes it seems all I’ve got

I cry for Your mercy
But don’t feel any surcease
Will I ever be happy again?
If so, please tell me when

How do I let go of sorrow
When I think there’s more tomorrow
Lord how do I let go
That’s what I want to know

Dear Lord hear my plea
My broken heart longs for thee
My prayer I lift on fragile wings
How my soul longs once again to sing

Dear Lord You hear my prayer
Help me to cast away this care
And though the path ahead is unclear
Precious Saviour stay ever near

You lift me from my despair
And of Your loving presence I am aware
Precious Saviour I do know You are there
And You let me know that You care

Jeannine Faith