Saturday, September 18, 2010


The carnival is back
Another year gone by
All the games and rides
The food and drinks to buy

It's like a snapshot
The world in miniature
So crowded and noisy
A worldly adventure

You see all the people
Rushing here and there
Eating, drinking, laughing
Seemingly without care

They seek to fill their hearts
With thrills and food galore
But when it's all gone by
They thirst and hunger for more

Where is God in all this
I don't see Him anywhere
The thrills last only a second
They have not escaped their cares

What drives people so
To try and fill the void
That exists within their hearts
The emptiness they try to avoid

An emptiness God would fill
If only they sought Him out
He would heal their wounded souls
He would give them a way out

He would fill them with His love
They wouldn't have to buy
It is freely given
By our Heavenly Father on high

So let the carnival go
No more rushing here and there
Your Heavenly Father
Will meet your every care

Jeannine Faith

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