Wednesday, January 6, 2010



Seemingly set adrift
On an ocean of tears
No one to talk to
No one who hears

Storms all around
Drifting through it all
Is anyone out there
Who will hear my call

What happened to the anchor
Why did I let go
What happened to my joy
I knew so long ago

Jesus is my anchor
So why do I stray
Why do I let depression
Take over every day

It seems that sometimes
I just go through the motions
That's where I go adrift
And get caught in stormy oceans

I need to listen closely
I need to listen for His will
I need to hear Him say
Peace, be still

For He calms the storms within
And the storms without
It seems I have forgotten
What that is all about

Lord anchor me again
And return to me the joy
Where Your grace peace and mercy
Are my soul's anchor and buoy

Help me to no longer
Be set adrift by depression
Please calm the raging storms
Help me learn from this lesson

Lord You are my soul's anchor
Help me to trust in You
And to never let go again
For I know You will see me through

Jeannine Faith

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