Saturday, October 16, 2010


Something is missing
I don't know what
People say they believe
But do they really believe?

They come to church
Take God off the shelf
Listen to the preacher
But don't hear the Teacher

They sit and talk
But not about God
And when it's time to leave
What have they received?

By the looks of things
They didn't get it
They leave God behind
And leave still blind

God to them is a weekly thing
To be picked up for an hour
Just to fulfill an "obligation"
But with God have no relation

They go back to the world
And do just as before
Back to their busy-ness
There's really no witness

Wake up people
Can't you hear the cries?
There are people out there
Who need someone to care

They need some Good News
To help then know about their souls
They need to know they are lost
And someone to tell them the cost

Bring the Good News to them
Time is growing short
We need to get living again
And we need to tell them

We need a revival
To have God in our hearts
He wants us to tell everyone
About His own dear Son

Because as surely as the sun sets
Jesus will soon return
And He will ask what we have done
To tell of our Saviour's victory won

Jeannine Faith

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