Friday, July 9, 2010


Come and sit with us Lord
We have nothing to hide
Your presence is needed here
To lead us and to guide

There is nothing in our thoughts
Of which we are ashamed
There is nothing in our speech
That should not be named

All we want dear Lord
Is for You to be a part
Of our talk and interaction
Right from the very start

We want You here with us
To keep our conversation pure
We want You to be our guide
Of this we are so sure

We want You to watch us
For You are in our hearts to stay
We need Your love and guidance
Each and every day

We want to do Your will
To spread Your love abroad
We want You to keep us
From committing any fraud

So come and sit with us
Be ever at our side
We need Your loving presence
To ever lead us and to guide

Jeannine Faith

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