Tuesday, February 22, 2011


What does the Bible mean to me?
How does it change my life?
It is the path to the truth
Leading me out of strife

It is the balm for my wounds
That life inflicts on me
It is the hope for tomorrow
And the truth that sets me free

It tells me who my refuge is
Under whose wings I can hide
It tells me who will help me
And when I ask, with my soul will abide

It is a detailed map
It covers all possible ground
It is a light unto my path
It helps the lost be found

It is a love story for the ages
Written by my Creator
To tell me of His love
And point me to my Saviour

It tells the story of His life
And how He taught us to live
It tells how to triumph over sin
And of His Kingdom to arrive

What is the Bible to me?
It is more than just a book
It helps me live my life
It is Life Eternal’s handbook

Jeannine Faith

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  1. How lovely to discover your site, Jeannine! Your poetry is very beautiful and inspiring!