Saturday, April 28, 2012


Sometimes it is so hard
To hold it all together
When you are on the verge of tears
But you have to wait for later

Later, when no one is around
Then you can let the tears flow
You can finally give in to the storm
When no one else will know

But there is one who knows
The One who made your heart
Our Father up in heaven
Who knows your heart is falling apart

He knows all the pain and sorrow
You keep hidden down deep within
He knows about the heartache
He knows the pain you are in

He knows what you are thinking
That you can’t let anyone see
You think you are all alone
But that will never be

He will hold you close
Until the tears are gone
When you are ready to face the world
And with Him travel on

I know it’s hard to do
But in Him we need to trust
To hold tightly to His hand
Through the calm and the tempest

Because life will bring storms
And the tears they will fall
But with His hand to guide us
We can weather life, storms and all

Jeannine Faith

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