Thursday, July 26, 2012


To walk the strait and narrow
Look neither to the left or the right
Follow the Lord Your God
Follow Him with all your might

He wants us to keep our eyes on Him
He wants us in His Word each day
When we follow where He leads
He will keep us in His Way

If we will only listen to Him
He will guide us through
For our God is always faithful
He will never leave or forsake you

But to walk the strait and narrow
Is much easier said than done
For there are those who claim to know Him
But really don’t follow God’s only Son

They try so hard to confuse and beguile
They tell us this or that’s okay
When we really know what’s wrong
They will still try to lead us astray

We need to stay strong in the Lord
We need to live for Him today
We have to let tomorrow alone
And let Him lead and guide us His Way

Jeannine Faith

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