Saturday, August 15, 2009


Waxing, flesh for fantasy tattoo’s
Body piercings and alcohol too
Attorneys and hair salons
Restaurants, pharmacies, the list goes on

All these and more are seen
Plain as day with little else in between
The city so packed and crowded
It seems in flesh to be shrouded

This place is no place to be
The noise, the crowds, not for me
But these are the people and places
Gods work ultimately takes us

Whether it is meeting people face to face
Though we are timid, by Gods grace
We can be a witness to them
Lead them from iniquities den

For though we lived not in a city perchance
We still were lost, in need of a chance
Gods grace and mercy rescued our souls
By His blood we were made whole

So now is the time to go tell the Good News
It’s time to save souls and fill the pews
For Jesus will return, we know not the day
But we need to show the lost, the way

Jeannine Faith

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