Sunday, August 2, 2009


Is anyone there?
Does anyone care?
Why do I cry myself to sleep
But don’t let on, not a cheep

Sometimes I feel so alone
And wish I could go home
To be held in my Saviour's arms
Free from all alarms

Here I am, head bowed in prayer
With no lack of sorrow or care
Tears falling like rain
From a heart full of pain

Heart sick and sore
Seems no happiness anymore
At least that’s how I feel
As here in prayer I kneel

In my heart I know
(though my head doesn’t think so)
That You my precious Saviour
Are in my heart and prayer

Sometimes so deep is the pain
That my mind returns again and again
A part of me knows I should not
But sometimes it seems all I’ve got

I cry for Your mercy
But don’t feel any surcease
Will I ever be happy again?
If so, please tell me when

How do I let go of sorrow
When I think there’s more tomorrow
Lord how do I let go
That’s what I want to know

Dear Lord hear my plea
My broken heart longs for thee
My prayer I lift on fragile wings
How my soul longs once again to sing

Dear Lord You hear my prayer
Help me to cast away this care
And though the path ahead is unclear
Precious Saviour stay ever near

You lift me from my despair
And of Your loving presence I am aware
Precious Saviour I do know You are there
And You let me know that You care

Jeannine Faith

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