Saturday, September 19, 2009


Beset and bewildered
Hurting deep inside
Prayers filled with tears
Anguish rolling in like the tide

Prayers with no words
Letting the tears speak for me
Begging my Precious Saviour
To just hold me

I don’t understand
What have I done
Why does despair lay hold of me
At times I am undone

Crying out, Abba, Father
What more must I do
What will lift me up
How will I get through

Slowly the tears subside
A gentle peace fills my soul
I take hold of His nail scarred hand
And He lifts me from the dark hole

His peace washes over me
My tear stained face dries
He has heard my prayers
Sent higher than the eagle flies

He gives me peace enough
To sleep this night
When I awake again
I will seek Him with the morning light

Jeannine Faith

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