Saturday, July 25, 2009


Squabbling amongst ourselves
Like hatchlings in a nest
Demanding to be first
Demanding to have the best

That’s the way we are in this world
When we try to keep up with others
We don’t care about our neighbors
We don’t care for our sisters and brothers

We have to outdo the next person
We have to have everything
It has nothing to do with our spirits
But everything to do with fleshly things

We have to have the best cars
We have to have a bigger home
We have to have the latest gadgets
Yet our souls within still groan

Deep down within us
We try to fill the gap
With what the world can offer
But still our souls are flat

There is another answer
If only we would look
If only we would open our eyes
And look within God’s Holy Book

We will read in God’s Holy Word
How our Saviour can set us free
The story of His life
And Salvation found at Calvary

It tells us of His love
And how He broke the chains of sin
Of how He defeated death
And of how He will enter in

To accept His Salvation
And let Him break sin’s chain
Confess Him as Lord and be cleansed
By His blood falling like rain

He is faithful to forgive us
His mercy and grace are promised
Come accept this gift of love and life
Leave behind the world’s squabbling and empty solace

Jeannine Faith

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